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Thank you Fall~

Thank you for the Autumn breeze, for the changing of the leaves

Thank you for the Sun so bright and the Harvest Moon at night

For the Pumpkins orange and ripe, carved into a Jack-O-Light

For the Feast of Thanks we give, another year we’ve had to live

Thank you for your apples sweet, Ciders, Pies and Candied treats

For Festivals and Market Squares, a bounty for us all to share

Soft warm sweaters, jackets and hats, ghost and goblins, spooky black cats

Thanks for all this season brings, the scent of change upon its wings

Preparing us for Winters test

Thank you Fall, for the season I   love the Best!

Published by sherryslens9217

Hello and welcome to my site Sherry'sLens Photography / Travel Blog! I am an amateur shutterbug born and raised in southern Ohio and I shooting the beauty in our everyday lives. Whether I am just roaming around in my back yard or traveling the world, there is always something wonderful focused in my Lens!

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