One More Look Around

Just like any new adventurer setting out, I’m researching my route, packing my bags and hoping I dont forget anything!

Since taking a few tentative steps into the world of blogging, I’ve been combing through posts and pages gaining insights and tidbits from my peers and wow you guys are awesome! So many things I hadn’t even thought of. A big shout out to Hugh W. Roberts @Huge’s News & Views, for his suggestions on keeping my photography and my blog safe!!

Like any traveler setting out, I have so many things I want to do, places I intend to go and things I want to say, I get dizzy thinking about it! I know, I know…calm down take it slow and try to have a plan and a schedule is handy! See I’m learning 😊

I’ve experimented with some watermarks for my photos and again, “Thanks Huge!”, I found a really good free app to get me started. Add Watermark Free app, is a simply perfect easy to use tool, Huge and I recommend!

I’ve been sorting through photos, making folders and taking notes. Eager to be on my way but still nervous about the trip. I’m sure as with any journey there will be important things learned along the way. Trip ups, wrong turns and rich wonderful experiences I wouldn’t have had if I just stayed in my own yard.

One of the best pieces of advice though I’ve gotten from so many of you is just show up! Take the first step and just keep writing!

So with that in mind, my bags are packed my passport is in my pocket and I can’t wait for you to join me on this adventure!

But before we head out lets take one more look around, thanks 😊

My sweet boy ~ Lance

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Thank you Fall~

Thank you for the Autumn breeze, for the changing of the leaves

Thank you for the Sun so bright and the Harvest Moon at night

For the Pumpkins orange and ripe, carved into a Jack-O-Light

For the Feast of Thanks we give, another year we’ve had to live

Thank you for your apples sweet, Ciders, Pies and Candied treats

For Festivals and Market Squares, a bounty for us all to share

Soft warm sweaters, jackets and hats, ghost and goblins, spooky black cats

Thanks for all this season brings, the scent of change upon its wings

Preparing us for Winters test

Thank you Fall, for the season I   love the Best!

It’s a start!

Hello everyone this is my first blog ever, so I thought I would start it here at home.

It’s the first day of Autumn and here in Ohio the weather and Mother Nature are both in agreement! The temperature in the last 24hrs has went from 90 to 70 heralding in the season of change. A time of letting go,  shaking off what no longer suits us, harvesting what we planted and reflecting perhaps on lessons learned.

For me it’s a need to downsize, clearing out clutter and setting myself up for new seeds, new ideas and dreams for the next season in my life. I feel it coming, the stirring for something new in the cool air that whips through the trees and carries the leaves to the four corners to be recycled for another day.

There is also a restlessness that come with fall, an eagerness to fill the remaining days of sunshine with activities. Trying to make up for lazy summer days of escaping the heat and humidity of southern Ohio. I’m not ready for winter and grey skys, so I will cling to the last of the summer flowers, relish in the cooler autum air and free myself up for the change thats coming~

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